A NFT version of Mark Zuckerberg’s personalised Little League baseball card is being created

Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg is emphasising Instagram’s expanding NFT support while “putting up the pressure a little bit” on Meta workers who shouldn’t be there. When the CEO and creator of NFT announced the expansion of NFT support on Instagram, he used the opportunity to announce that his custom-made 1992 Little League baseball card, which includes an NFT, is coming on sale shortly.

I believed he was minting it himself, but as the Metropolis Comic Collect biography linked to in his article indicates, that is not the case. ‘ In addition to the digital blockchain receipt, this card was custom-made by Zuckerberg for a camp counsellor, who preserved it, and now it has been authenticated and placed up for sale as a genuine item. As a right-handed shortstop in Dobbs Ferry, New York, at the age of eight, Zuckerberg had this card produced that said he had a.920 batting average, which some pitchers from that league undoubtedly knew before anybody else did.

Meta is in for a surprise with this development. For the first time ever, Facebook recorded a drop in revenue for the second quarter of the year. As CEO Adam Mosseri told Casey Newton, “people are upset and the use statistics isn’t fantastic,” Instagram is already in a state of disarray and has rolled down experiments of TikTok-like features.

The “digital collectibles” market, which peaked in the winter, has fallen precipitously since its apex, so Meta is jumping in, although a little late. A Dune tracker shows OpenSea data suggesting that sales volume has stayed pretty stable since May, despite falling from where it was in May.

One of the things Newton said in a separate Platformer report was that the NFT initiatives on Meta, Twitter, and Reddit are all moving ahead but have no statistics to back it up with.

Only one possible explanation is that these treasures will skyrocket in value when paired with Zuckerberg’s augmented and virtual reality worlds, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

NFT support for Coinbase Wallet and Dapper, as well as NFTs from the Flow blockchain, is now accessible in 100 additional countries, according to Meta.