a peaceful situation in the Saint-Galmier hospital

The elected city council officials had an appointment for the first city council of the year on Thursday evening. A meeting that was drastically led by the first judge, Philippe Denis, lasted only twenty minutes and allowed everyone to get to their home before the curfew began.

After the meeting, the mayor realized that the agenda was not very extensive, but that many files would soon come out and be submitted to the Baldomériens councilors for approval.

In the meantime, at the opening of the municipal council, Philippe Denis was pleased that the situation at the local Maurice-André hospital on the Covid front had improved significantly.

Better than that: “There are no more cases within the establishment, as the director has confirmed to me. We regret only two deaths in the nursing home (shelter for dependent elderly people) in more than a month and a half. “”

The latter then continued: “The traditional ceremony of vows will not take place this year. A greeting card will be included in the city newsletter and a video will be uploaded this Friday. “”

The cinema expansion project is still in preparation

The agenda was then rejected without any real debate. The agreement on the provision of the sweeper between the municipalities of Chambœuf, Chazelles, Saint-Bonnet-les-Oules and the gondola shared by Chambœuf, Veauche, Saint-Bonnet-les-Oules and Saint-Galmier has been concluded.

The elected officials also confirmed the construction of a fence wall to separate two houses from the public area. “This achievement for 7,600 euros is part of the expansion of the cinema, the project of which is still in preparation,” added the mayor.

Finally, Gilles Grangier, MP for Economy and Commerce, presented the prices of the Val de Coise campsite. “The prices remain unchanged as the delegate wanted to take into account the health and economic situation we are going through. “”