According to job listings, Netflix is developing a “brand-new AAA PC game”

As reported by, Netflix has posted over a dozen job openings on its website for its Netflix Games Studio location in Los Angeles. Information regarding the company’s intentions for the new studio may be gleaned from these listings. For “a brand-new AAA PC game,” Netflix is specifically looking for a game director.

Initially, Netflix’s Vice President of Gaming Mike Verdu announced the launch of a new studio in Southern California during last month’s TechCrunch Disrupt. Chacko Sonny, Verdu added, will be the studio’s executive producer. Previously, Sonny served as the show’s executive producer.

While Blizzard Entertainment (the studio behind Overwatch) was dealing with a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit filed in California and an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sonny decided to leave the studio. He also directed the creation of Overwatch 2 in that capacity.

Apparently, at this time, Netflix is trying to assemble the foundation of the team that will work on the first Netflix Games Studio project in Los Angeles. A major AAA PC game will be under the director’s watchful eye. Due to the fact that Netflix only presently provides games for mobile devices, that would be the first PC game released by the firm.

To those in the video game industry, AAA projects are the massive titles that need massive resources and teams to create. It will be the responsibility of the game’s director to create a “world/characters/story that is worthy of a Netflix film/TV series.” A familiarity with Unreal Engine and first-person and/or third-person shooting games is also mentioned in the advertisement.

Apparently there aren’t too many individuals working for the company just yet, because Netflix is also on the lookout for an art director and a technical director. Listings for lead engineers and lead artists might be found as well.

Netflix views the gaming industry as a potential long-term endeavour. Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of content, claimed the company was only getting started with its gaming push.

Presently, 40 games are available from this provider. Traditional mobile games like endless runners and racing games, as well as card games and unique titles, sit alongside spin-offs based on hit Netflix episodes like Stranger Things.

Netflix has made three acquisitions in the video game industry, including Boss Fight Entertainment, Night School Studio (Oxenfree), and Finland’s Next Games. A former Zynga general manager is now leading a new studio that the company opened in Helsinki, Finland.

As it is, Netflix’s current gaming business strategy is rather straightforward. All the games in the Netflix game collection are available for download and play if you are a subscriber. If you cancel your Netflix membership, you will no longer have access to these games.

You won’t find any microtransactions, season passes, or extra subscriptions for those titles. Naturally, Netflix’s new AAA game has the potential to reorient the company’s approach to gaming income. Still, it can’t be denied that Netflix is now in an investing phase.