All companies may now post their location and contact information on their accounts on Twitter

A new location spotlight feature unveiled by Twitter today allows companies with professional accounts to show their geographical address as well as their hours of operation and extra contact information. Customers will be able to contact companies directly by phone, text, email, or direct message (DM), according to Facebook. When it was launched in North America, the functionality was only accessible to professional accounts based in the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (Canada), the United States (US), and Australia (Australia).

A Google Maps location map may now be added to the profiles of companies with professional accounts. Customers may get driving directions to the business’s actual location by clicking on the map.

Business data cards in Google Maps, which show information such as a location, hours of operation, and contact information, are comparable to Twitter’s Location Spotlight. Because of this, it’s probable that Twitter’s goal with Location Spotlight is to discourage its users from leaving the site and searching for company information elsewhere on the web.

In addition, a “Professional Home” information area was announced for Twitter’s business accounts. Using the hub, professionals may monitor their performance, find new product offers, and drive performance, according to the social network. Twitter users who seek additional information on how to enhance their performance will be the target audience for the new centre. After a few weeks of testing, Professional Home will be accessible to all professional accounts throughout the world, with further enhancements to follow in 2016.

Additional to this, Twitter has launched “Taking Care of Business,” a monthly live worksop series. Professionals who are just getting started on Twitter can benefit from a new series that will begin airing this month. For those who want to learn more about how to build an engaged following, Twitter is launching 10 courses on its Twitter Flight School.

“We’re pleased to keep delivering additional methods to help professionals achieve business success on Twitter,” the firm said in a statement. “We’re proud of the foundation we’ve created with the first suite of products we’ve introduced to far.”

Earlier this year, in March, the social network made the Professional profile option accessible to all members. A “Twitter for Professionals” account, as it is referred to by Twitter, allows companies and creators more control over their online persona. Anyone who uses Twitter for work is considered to be a professional by the social network. Professional accounts are reserved for those who have a clean record of breaking rules and are real, with a username, bio and profile photo. Professional accounts are not open to parodies or fan accounts.”

After months of introducing a variety of shopping-related services on Twitter, including virtual shops and product drops, the company has now announced a new shopping function.