All of Wix’s SEO tools are compiled on a single page

Wix has introduced a new SEO instrument that allows users to inspect and change meta tags, URL slugs, indexability, and open graph tags for all of their pages.

The new feature is available now and allows companies to manage all of their SEO-related settings, including structured data markups, from inside the Wix dashboard.

Wix is working on releasing the new SEO options for blogging platforms, but claims they are ready for main website pages and product pages right now.

Improvements to Wix’s Search Engine Optimization

Wix, a well-known website builder, has spent the previous two years improving the SEO features that come packaged with their service.

Wix’s other recent SEO-related releases include Site Inspection and Semrush integration, so you can expect similar functionality from this new tool as well.

Wix claims to have prioritised consolidating its SEO functionality into a single page inside the Wix Editor in order to equip its customers to compete in search engines. By seeing all of their meta tags in one place, users can see where they may make adjustments and improvements.

As stated in a PDF released by Wix, “the SEO Settings tool allows users apply the same SEO logic to several pages at once.”

“Instead of editing a single page’s settings, it allows users to customize the settings that apply to the whole section, folder or collection of pages, all at once. This way, users can create a systematic SEO strategy much quicker, and optimize their pages at scale. These basic settings include defaults meta tags for each page type, social preview, and more info about their pages’ structured data.”