AMD’s new Radeon PRO GPU is more practical than glamorous, which isn’t always a bad thing

AMD has announced a new addition to its Radeon PRO W6000 GPU line that is designed exclusively for knowledge workers.

In terms of raw power, the new Radeon PRO W6400 is lower in the range than the W6600 and W6800, but it is optimised to give maximum performance across the most frequent professional use cases. It’s AMD’s new “lord of mainstream graphics workloads,” according to the firm.

The W6400 has 4GB of GDDR6 RAM, two DisplayPort ports, and PCIe 4.0 compatibility, and it can achieve 3.54TFLOPS (according to the FP32 test) with a maximum power consumption of 50W.

The latest graphics card will cost 249, which is somewhat more than the WX 3200 from the previous generation but less than similar Nvidia devices. International pricing is still being confirmed.

The average graphic design workload

AMD performed research to create a picture of the most typical corporate tasks, and therefore the specific graphics demands of the ordinary worker, which inspired the design of the Radeon PRO W6400.

The business unpacked some of its results at a briefing that I attended. According to AMD, a third of professionals utilise two monitors, the bulk of which are still 1080p resolution. As a result, AMD chose two instead of four display ports to save space and money.

The business also discovered that the typical employee spends the majority of their time on video conferencing software, productivity tools, and online browsers. Although professionals using more demanding CAD and 3D rendering tools will benefit from more powerful models, the W6400 is more than capable of handling everyday office tasks.

“It’s not about how hard the GPU is pushed,” AMD Senior Manager Jamie Gwilliam said. “The message is that for average knowledge workers, a balanced system is ideal.” The GPU is responsible for some of the heavy lifting, while the CPU is responsible for others.”

“Despite the fact that it’s a low workload GPU, you’re not compromising hardware or software capabilities.” As a result, we believe it will become our new king of mainstream workloads.”

A competitive edge

Naturally, the Radeon PRO W6400 falls short of its bigger and more costly W6000 series counterparts in terms of performance. However, AMD claims that its latest GPU surpasses equivalent Nvidia machines by a wide margin.

The W6400, which is built on a 6nm technology, outperforms both the Nvidia T1000 (2.5TF) and T600 (1.7TF), which are both more costly.

In spreadsheet, web surfing, and video conferencing workloads, it equals or beats the T600, and the performance advantage becomes much more pronounced in picture editing and CAD. It’s worth mentioning, though, that AMD didn’t give comparable comparisons for the W6400 and T1000.

The W6400, like the other cards in the W6000 series, has AMD’s Infinity Cache technology, which allows for a doubling of effective bandwidth in certain cases (up to 289GB/s), depending on the software used.