An upcoming update to Google Maps suggests an ideal new feature for electric vehicle (EV) owners

For example, if you drive an electric car, Google Maps may give you a different route than if you drive a standard gasoline-powered vehicle, depending on the type of vehicle you use.

The most fuel-efficient route is the one we recommend in our guide on how to use Google Maps to save money on gas. When selecting this option, you’ll be taken along the path that’s estimated to use up the least amount of gasoline, rather than the typical quickest or shortest route alternatives (which may, or may not also be the fastest or the shortest route).

In other cases, however, the most efficient path for one sort of engine may not be the greatest for a different. You may be able to get around this by selecting the sort of engine your automobile has – gas/petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid – on Google Maps in the future.

There are references to selecting your car engine type to receive fuel-efficient route suggestions in the current 11.39 beta edition of Google Maps. If you don’t want Google to know too much about you, you won’t have to give this information immediately soon or at all, according to another piece of code. You may also alter your engine type in-app.

This feature, despite its presence in the newest beta, is still very basic and unusable; instead, it is hidden deep in the app’s code. There’s no telling when or if this feature will make it into the official edition of Google Maps, but even if it does appear in the next beta update, it will be some time before it appears in the final version.

The tiniest detail may make a big difference

The amount of gasoline we consume will not immediately or dramatically decrease if we switch to fuel-efficient routing. However, when coupled with other fuel-saving measures (such as wearing better tyres and using greater caution when driving), it might have a big impact.

This move is long overdue for those of us who are sick and tired of paying exorbitant costs at the pump. Electric car owners face a double whammy: growing power costs, and the time it takes to recharge their vehicles.

You don’t have to rely only on Google Maps to find your way about the city. For individuals who ride electric bikes, Apple Maps may soon propose the ideal routes.

We should expect to see more firms offering services to make our commutes as efficient as possible as the number of cars on our roads continues to grow.

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