an urban development project for 2021

A village development project is planned for 2021 along Rue des Acacias, where an important safety component is planned. “It mainly consists of securing access to various devices and buildings (sports complex, leisure center, residential buildings, etc.) by creating a 1.40 m wide pedestrian walkway compatible with accessibility. This is currently not the case”, explains Yves Lafont, urban planning assistant.

1. Restoration of the asphalt and improvement of the road

This project includes the repair of the asphalt pavement from the bus stop on Rue du Velay to the HLM des Acacias. To slow down traffic at the level of the street leading to the stadium and access to the gym, a street widening with on-site warnings will be created.

2. Access to the gym for people with reduced mobility

The forecourt of the grammar school will be rebuilt and at the same time the accessibility for people with reduced mobility created for the library, whose premises are adjacent.

3. Refurbishment of the entrance to the dojo

In addition, a development will be created at the entrance to the dojo to avoid unauthorized parking for dropping off children.

4. A protected passage to the leisure center

A protected passage will also be built in the leisure center, in the extension of the footpath that comes from the kindergarten. Finally, an elevated passageway is also created at this level so that the cars slow down.

5. The work will be carried out in three steps

The approximate workload is 160,000 euros. “Three optional discs are being examined,” said Mayor David Rabeyrin. Grants are applied for by the state within the framework of DETR 2021 (equipping with equipment for rural areas).

We will have a 1.40m wide pedestrian walkway compatible with accessibility, which is currently not the case

Yves Lafont, urban planning assistant