Apple Arcade Gets Subway Surfers Tag Skateboarding Game!

Subway Surfers Tag was just added to the huge library of mobile games available at the Apple Arcade. You can play Subway Surfers Tag for free if you’re a subscriber to Apple Arcade, which costs 5 a month.

Skateboarders will traverse a variety of locations, including a train yard, a park, and the waterfront. There are a variety of tasks to do in each arena, like tagging signposts, performing combination stunts, disabling robots, and collecting cash. More tags mean a higher score and a more difficult difficulty. A security officer, on the other hand, is hot on your trail. Make careful to gather the floating batteries as you battle robots to refuel your hoverboard.

Players may take on the roles of Jake, Tricky, Fresh, or Yutani in the subway tag game Subway Surfers Tag. The abilities of each character are distinct. You may buy character-specific abilities for your characters in the upgrade store with the cash you earn.

Tag with Jake’s persona in Subway Surfers is reminiscent of Bobby’s World, a 90s cartoon series about a young boy’s imaginary journeys on his toy bike. The risks in Subway Surfers Tag are low, but the rewards are high.

Every week, new games and material are added to Apple Arcade. Sample Apple Arcade for three months for free with the purchase or first-time sign-up of a new device, or one month for free if you want to try it. Take a look at the bottom of your screen and touch on the joystick symbol.