Apple’s iPhone Plant Put on Probation, Workers Protest

According to a new report from Reuters, Apple has placed a Foxconn manufacturing plant that creates iPhone 12s on probation and is trying out the production of the iPhone 13. After both Apple and Foxconn discovered that some worker housing and dining facilities fell short of standards, this occurred.

Apple has halted production at its Sriperumbudur, India factory for a week and a half. Last year, according to Reuters, Apple placed Wistron Corp.’s plant on probation due to “unrest,” and Wistron didn’t get any new business from Apple during that time.

Since December 18, when a food poisoning outbreak caused 159 individuals to be admitted to the hospital, the Foxconn plant in question has been closed. The local administration referred to it as a “epidemic of severe diarrheal disease” at the time.

There is no timetable for its reopening, but one unnamed government official indicated that it might not reopen until January 3. In the meantime, the factory’s approximately 17,000 employees will be compensated.

Foxconn, which is based in Taiwan and employs about 1.4 million people worldwide, has started shuffling the factory’s local management team and attempting to improve its facilities, according to a spokesperson.

A spokesperson for Apple confirmed that the tech giant has sent independent auditors to inspect the facilities in light of “recent concerns about food safety and living standards.”