Arceus and BDSP support are on the way to Pokemon Home in Pokemon Legends

The Pokemon Home service is getting a major 2.0 upgrade that will allow you to save and transfer Pokemon from the most current games in the series.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus will now be compatible with the free update, as will all previous versions of the game. Linking these games to Pokemon Home and transferring Pokemon between them will be possible once the feature becomes live.

The ability to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Legends and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl to Pokemon Legends will also be available. Using Pokemon Home, you may transfer a Pikachu caught in Pokemon Sword to Pokemon Legends. When transferring a Pokemon to another game, some of its characteristics, such as its level and the moves it learns, may be altered.

In the near future, the 2.0 upgrade is expected to come. Players that connect Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus to their Pokemon Home account will get some unique free Pokemon as a gift.

On the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, Pokemon Home has varied features and functionality. There is a one-year fee of 16. Free plans are also available, albeit with a significantly less storage capacity.