Aurec-sur-Loire. Lidl is offering 525,000 euros for the communal property

We remember that the municipal council validated the result of the citizens’ consultation on the implementation of Lidl at its meeting in December.

and had authorized the mayor Claude Vial to negotiate the sale of the community property.

During the session on Monday, the mayor took stock of the progress of the file and informed the meeting of the project leader’s proposal for information.

Sales promises to very advanced people

The organizer is putting 525,000 euros on the table to acquire the property AI 160 of 3,455 m², which belongs to the municipality.

According to our information, sales promises to private individuals (Lidl wants to buy a total of 11,000 m²) are well advanced.

The next steps will focus on working out the compromise and starting the change to the PLU (Local Urban Plan).

Therefore a meeting will take place on February 22nd. It will bring together the members of the town planning commission, those who helped develop and monitor the consultation, as well as locally elected officials.

Start of the public inquiry

The design office is about “assuming all guarantees so that the requirements placed on Lidl are well integrated,” commented Claude Vial.

The meeting is then followed by the “associated public figures” (especially the government services), followed by the initiation of the public inquiry. Everything is of course confirmed in order by elected officials.

Finally, remember that the instruction of the building permit and the opinion of the Commission for Commercial Development are also among the conditions necessary for the realization of the project. Without forgetting the possible recourse.

Yes: 1,364 (60.01%); No: 875 voters (38.49%); no opinion: 34 (1.5%). 2,273 people who are on the municipal electoral roll participated (49.68%).