Baneins. School matters at the heart of the local council

During the last city council on Friday February 12, elected officials examined various issues on the agenda.

Allowance for children in leisure centers

The municipal council grants families who ask for support for their children who visit the leisure centers for up to 30 days and from March 1, 2021, an amount of € 2.50 per day and per child. This amount is not paid as to families who can prove the number of days their children have been present at the centers concerned.

Participation of the municipality of Dompierre-sur-Chalaronne in the 2020 school fees

The municipal council, in agreement with the municipal council of Dompierre-sur-Chalaronne, decides not to change the method of calculating Dompierre’s contribution to the running costs of the school and sets this contribution for 2020. The costs listed below are shared between the two municipalities in relation to the number of students in each municipality who attend the school.

➤ School material: according to the school budget agreed in the original budget;

➤ Employee salaries and fees: total gross salaries and employer fees;

➤ Maintenance of the photocopier: amount of the maintenance contract;

➤ Operating costs: total annual amount of bills, minus the consumption of premises that are not used by the school.

The fees for 2020 are € 11,580.01 or € 965 per student.

Various information

The budget orientation debate will take place on March 8th in the next local council.

The opening of the bridging loan related to VAT for the works in the heart of the village is being processed.

The renovation plans for the apartment above the school have been validated by the building commission. The deadlines for completing the work are expected to be long as the craftsmen are very busy.

The city signed up for a performance of Circus Dreams on Thursday June 24th.

The fire truck was sold. The administrative formalities are in progress.

The community of Marlieux, with the participation of the community of Dombes, financed a book on the history of the villagers. The mayor insists that the grants are usually awarded if they are applied for correctly and correctly by the community.