Battle of the experts over hail damage

Many Villardaires remember it very well. And the issue returned to the city council table last Monday.

A slate of 333,000 euros

The hailstorm of June 15, 2019 had turned into a real storm that hit the city hard. Many people have sometimes suffered significant damage (roof, chimneys, etc.). This also applied to buildings and common rooms. In an emergency, everyone had healed their wounds. Then came the time for experts and costs. The slate cost the community a little more than 333,000 euros. For example the roof of the Bernichon gymnasium, which is covered with severely affected photovoltaic cells, or the Velux dome of the Jean Ravon kindergarten, which is also perforated.

18 months later, work did not start yet

Eighteen months later, work on these major projects has not yet started due to the lack of an agreement with the insurance company Swiff Life, which had the contract in place at the time of the disaster. So far, only a provision of 25,000 euros has been paid.

To clear the situation, the city has therefore only “exerted a little pressure” by filing a request for expertise with the Lyon Administrative Court. For this purpose, the appointment of a legal expert is requested who will establish on-site the determination of the incidents suffered and their condition, describe all the work to be carried out and determine the urgent safety work. In order to be able to finance it, the mayor submitted an application for an interim order in the amount of 249,293.48 euros to the administrative court on behalf of the municipality.

The situation becomes so urgent that in rainy weather and despite tarpaulins placed on the roof, pools in the Bernichon gymnasium have to be placed on the floor due to leaks! And work cannot begin until the dispute is resolved.