Because that’s what we need right now, this charming plush animal robot will chew on your finger

Do you find yourself nibbling on your finger unconsciously when you’re stressed? Isn’t it a tiny bit of help? Consider having a robot do it for you. Yukai Engineering’s new Amagami Ham Ham robot bear, which will be shown at CES 2022, is based on a basic and rather unusual concept: If you put your finger in its little mouth, it will chew on it.

The character design is inspired by Liv Heart’s Nemu Nemu series, which follows a white bear that establishes “Healing Study School” to assist humans relax and heal. While there are no photographs of these bears gnawing on human parts on Liv Heart’s website, it’s evident that Amagami Ham Ham’s objective is the same.

When you insert your finger in the soft fabric mouth of Amagami, which means “soft biting” in Japanese, it doesn’t just bite down on it. The robot programme, according to Yukai Engineering CMO Tsubasa Tominaga, allows for two dozen various nibbling methods. The many modes aren’t described, although they all look to be “soft.” In any event, the robot’s tiny mouth can only hold the tip of any finger, however a young child might be able to get the entire index finger within.

“Most people enjoy the nibbling feeling, but they are aware that they must educate their children or pets to stop it, since else, youngsters and animals would bite them with full power. ‘AMAGAMI HAM HAM’ is a robot that “frees humans from the quandary of whether or not to seek the forbidden pleasure,” according to a press release from Tominaga.

Yukai Engineering isn’t the only company to come up with a mind-boggling (or genius) robot concept. We tested out the company’s Qoobo robot a few years ago, which was just a circular filled pillow with an active tail. Strokes and squeezes elicited a response.

In the spring, Amagami Ham Ham, which comes in Calico Cat and Shiba Inu designs, will be released as a crowd-funded project. The price has yet to be determined.