Call of Duty: Mobile taught Apex Legends Mobile a valuable lesson

In part because to my respect for large online mobile games like this, and in part due to my near-year-long obsession with the console version, I’m loving my time with Apex Legends Mobile, which was only introduced recently.

In particular, I like that it has taken a page out of the book of mobile gaming giant Call of Duty Mobile, which includes a feature that I now use as a standard for evaluating other games of a similar kind.

While Apex Legends Mobile’s controls aren’t the most user-friendly of its competitors, there’s one minor thing it accomplishes really well.

The one-button method

If you’ve got quick fingers, you can use your thumbs to operate games on a mobile phone, but if you don’t, you’ll have to depend on your fingers to perform the majority of the work.

Because shooter games like Apex and CoD share so many core features, the control schemes of all mobile shooters have become almost similar. To look around and move about, you may use the right half of the screen; to aim your gun, use the left half of the screen; and to fire, use the right half of the screen.

PUBG Mobile is a significant illustration of this strategy in action, although the numerous other features are a touch more cumbersome because of this. You couldn’t aim and fire at the same time if you needed to duck or stand up, lie down, use a healing item, change weapons, or equip a grenade. Furthermore, it was difficult to move or glance around when shooting.

This was made easier in Call of Duty by the fact that when you push the shot button, you also automatically aim. With this method, you don’t have to push two different buttons, which may be the difference between winning and losing in a fast-paced shooter game.

CoD became my go-to mobile game when I wanted this sort of action, and it was difficult to play PUBG after that, since the whole gameplay seemed just that little bit smoother and more natural.

Apex Legends Mobile, on the other hand, faithfully replicates this functionality, making the gameplay seem equally as hectic and fast-paced as for the non-mobile edition.

Despite the fact that Apex is a lot of fun in part due of this feature, it falls short in another area where mobile shooters have struggled, and where Call of Duty excelled, namely the remainder of the controls.

There are too many buttons on this page.

Apex Legends Mobile, on the other hand, is a straight transfer of the console and PC version of the game, which necessitates a more authentic implementation of controls and functionality. The main game features a lot of gimmicks that don’t fit well on a tiny mobile screen, such as sliding and activating Ultimate skills.

It’s difficult to tell what each symbol on the touch controls part of the screen accomplishes since there are so many distinct ones. To go down a slope, which button should I press? It would be nice if the “reload” button was replaced with the “duck” button. Often, I accidentally press the incorrect icon or have to recall which one did what.

As a case study, the Ping system comes to mind. Pinging distant foes, important treasure items hidden inside chests, and potential attack or defence targets is a helpful tool on both consoles and personal computers. However, with touch controls on mobile, I usually have a hard time figuring out what the ping button does – and occasionally things get pinged even when I don’t want them to be.

In the same way, you can’t always pick up things you need, even if you have a lot of storage space, and I don’t know why.

If you’re ever killed by another player, you’ll obtain boxes that contain their equipment, which you may use to enhance your own weapons and replenish your supply of ammunition. Some goods are automatically collected by going near them in Apex Mobile, while others require pressing a little button on the display to initiate collection. Other times, you must manually choose which items you want, which takes a significant amount of time.

Keep in mind that this isn’t my first time playing a mobile game; it’s what I do for a living. It’s understandable that Apex Mobile isn’t the easiest app to use.

“Too many controls” isn’t an issue exclusive to Apex Legends; I just encountered it when playing PUBG: New State, which turned me off playing the game. Fortunately, the simple shooting controls make up for the complexity, but I believe a few little adjustments would significantly improve the game’s appeal.

Not to say it’s horrible, but I’m having a great time and this is one of the best mobile shooters out there (and I’ve tried quite a few). I’d like it if it made a bit more sense, however, since I’m sure I’ll be playing this game for a long time.