Chabanière. Jean-Pierre Cid is the new mayor of Chabanière

After Rodolphe Rambaud’s resignation a few weeks ago, the city council met on Monday to elect a new mayor and his deputy. Jean-Pierre Cid and Denis Lanchon were available as candidates. Everyone took the floor to explain their motivations and projects. Jean-Pierre Cid wins the election with twenty-two options against six. He also remains deputy mayor of the city of Saint Didier sous Riverie. The assistants are: 1st assistant Bruno Ferret, agriculture and urban planning, 2nd assistant Martine Lobre, school and extracurricular affairs, 3rd assistant Lionel Ratton, finances, 4th assistant Mélanie Angot, solidarity, CCAS, elderly, 5th assistant Yoann Vindry, sport, youth, clubs, 6th assistant to Caroline Dompnier du Castel, environment, sustainable development, tourism and cultural heritage, and finally 7th assistant to Christian Brunon, planning, roads, sanitation.

The delegated mayors and council members remain unchanged. Bruno Ferret replaces Rodolphe Rambaud on the local council.