Classic Windows Game: When the Internet Dies

The latest version of Edge, which is currently only available in the Windows 10 Store, includes a winter-themed spin on Microsoft’s mini-game, which may be played while the browser isn’t working, with the traditional “surf game” becoming a skiing challenge that’s a blast from the past (we’ll get back to its origins later).

If you’re new to the surfing game, it’s similar to Edge’s dinosaur game — a tiny web browser game that you can play whenever your internet connection goes down (or when you’re bored at any time).

The Edge game normally allows you to use the keyboard (or mouse, touchscreen, or controller) to control a surfer down the screen, avoiding dangers, landing jumps, and occasionally being pursued by a deadly monster called the kraken.

In the Edge 96 skiing edition spotted by German tech site Deskmodder, the ocean is replaced with a snowy slope, and the kraken becomes a yeti (aka the abominable snowman).

Get your winter clothes on and hit the slopes with a limited-time skiing theme for the surf game in Microsoft Edge 96! Can you avoid the yeti while taking a trip down memory lane?🎿 Type edge://surf/ into Microsoft Edge to play! 23, 2021

It’s also comparable to Chrome Dino in terms of appearance and gameplay, with several distinct game modes (endless, time trial, and zigzag, which is a slalom) and more development than Chrome Dino (which is a pure side-scroller with the sole control being space to jump).

To play, simply fire up Edge and input the following in the address bar:


After 30 years, SkiFree is back.

Edge’s surf title came out in May 2020 (with build 83), and it is based on Microsoft’s ancient SkiFree game, which was released way back in 1991. So, in actuality, this new winter-inspired version is a return to the original structure of a skiing game.

It’s a fantastic diversion, and it’s more intriguing than Chrome Dino – not to mention less likely to cause us motion sickness, as the dinosaur game does when it increases in speed with rapidly scrolling.

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