Cortana’s new design is revealed in the Halo TV show teaser, and many aren’t pleased

There’s finally a live-action trailer for the Halo TV show, and it looks like fans are not happy with Cortana’s new look in the live-action show.

The teaser, which debuted at halftime of Sunday’s AFC Championship game, provided us our first full look at Halo’s TV adaptation. And, for the most part, it looks fairly excellent, even if the narrative and aesthetic have been given some creative licence.

Fans, on the other hand, can’t get enough of Cortana’s look in the new Paramount Plus TV programme. In the legendary game series, Master Chief’s AI buddy has always been blue or purple.

Halo fans have flocked to social media in droves to condemn Cortana’s new face, with many blaming Paramount and Halo’s current developer, 343 Industries, for changing the AI’s iconic visage.

Spartanin229’s response on Twitter, “What did you do to Cortana?!?” summed up many fans’ frustrations, while Ringframe provided a screenshot of Cortana with a very abrupt “what the ****” statement.

Other member on MOGWILD urged fans to campaign for a change in Cortana’s style, similar to how the aesthetic of Sonic the Hedgehog (another Paramount film, curiously) was updated following public opposition to the speedster’s original live-action design:

Detrydis stated it was “strange” that Cortana’s look had been entirely altered on Reddit, while Msan28 said they didn’t enjoy “the humanised Cortana.”

Ill Ratio 5682 stated Cortana looked “fake,” and wondered why she didn’t keep her holographic appearance as seen in the games, before Dontloseyourway1610 concurred with MOGWILD’s tweet, adding that the Halo fandom should compel Paramount and 343 to modify Cortana’s look.

Cortana’s design did not get widespread acclaim. Disgruntled fans were encouraged not to watch the series if they weren’t content with what they’d seen so far by Twitter user R0bSkii, while critical viewers were dubbed “entitled” by NemaCystx.

Lastly, J Drage_ feels that fans should be glad that Jen Taylor, Cortana’s original voice actress, is returning to reprise her role. On Reddit, a few users, like notyourancilla, agreed with the statement.

Nevertheless, those who can’t (or won’t) accept Cortana’s new look outweigh those who can’t (or won’t). While the Halo TV show isn’t canon inside the franchise’s primary chronology, it’s understandable why fans are upset with the AI’s new appearance.

Other trademark Halo aspects have been preserved in Paramount’s Halo live-action series. The Master Chief’s armour, the beautifully detailed Elites, UNSC and Covenant weaponry, and vehicles all seem like they came straight out of the first-person shooter franchise.

From a design standpoint, it seems to be an unusual choice not to maintain Cortana’s appearance from the games. It doesn’t help that Cortana isn’t dressed like Dr. Catherine Halsey. Because Halsey designed Cortana’s physical appearance herself in the games, the fact that Cortana doesn’t resemble Natascha McElhone, who plays Halsey on the TV programme, doesn’t help things.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will premiere exclusively on Paramount Plus on March 24, so there is still time for Paramount and 343 to tweak Cortana’s TV appearance. That is, if they desire to do so.