Covid19. When Macron takes the stage to remember the barrier gestures

The executive has been reminding people since the beginning of the pandemic: barrier measures are essential to avoid contamination and thus slow the spread of Covid-19. And Emmanuel Macron remembered it again on Saturday. The head of state did not hesitate to present himself in a series of pictures on his Instagram account.

“Wear the mask,” “wash your hands,” “ventilate the room,” “install TousAntiCovid,” we can read on each of the four photos of the President taking the stage to give an example.

The four photos are all headed: “Every gesture counts”.

Internet users did not hide their humor after seeing these photos: “It looks like the poster of an old French film”, we can say in the comments under the photo “Air the room” or “No, it’s just about the sad one Battery “read. under the “Install TousAntiCovid”,

The head of state therefore does not hesitate to hold the French accountable in order to avoid an outbreak of the epidemic, having decided to maintain the curfew, thus avoiding a new restriction.