Eloh is the ideal poolside game because to its laid-back atmosphere and light puzzles

Puzzle games and rhythm games are two of my favourite types of mobile games, although they’re seldom combined. Eloh was a lucky find for me as I was browsing the Play Store.

But even though it’s not a genuine rhythm game, it’s an excellent illustration of how music might be used in puzzle games more intentionally.

In Eloh, the goal is to relax and discover your rhythm. Align masks so that sound waves are sent to the target and let good spirits get their groove on. Eloh’s hand-drawn artwork, particularly the full-screen spirit art that you receive when you reach specific level milestones, are extremely stunning.

You may start making beats by clicking on one or more speakers in each level. Until an obstruction is encountered, each beat goes in a straight line There are also a variety of spirit masks to choose from, as well as potential spots to put them, and a final destination for your beats to reach. You can (hopefully) steer your beats into the desired location by dragging and dropping masks around.

As soon as more spirits are introduced into the game, things begin to become more difficult. There are new spirit masks that modify your rhythms and frequently demand their own sort of aim, so you truly need to use your head to complete these deceptively easy puzzles, as they get more difficult.

Eloh’s soundtrack is top-notch, as you could expect from a game that focuses on music. Eloh’s soundtrack was composed by SCNTFC (Scientific), the musical artist behind the soundtracks for Oxenfree and the future sequel to Oxenfree. For those of you who can’t get enough of the game’s music, you’ll want to put it on repeat on YouTube.

It’s unfortunate that Eloh lacks a built-in hint system. A brilliant hint system was featured in Line Blaster last week, where you could earn up to three clues for solving levels on your own, each of which revealed more of the answer as you used it.

It would have been nice to have a similar tip system in Eloh’s 98 levels, since they get more difficult. Using a single suggestion, for example, may show the proper location for just one or two of your masks; but, as you apply additional hints, the correct locations become increasingly apparent.

For the time being, the only way to get out of a jam is to hunt for a solution online and cross your fingers that someone else has already done it.

Eloh is a one-dollar Play Store purchase, but it’s free with a Play Pass membership. Even if you don’t mind commercials or in-app purchases, this premium game is a wonderful option if you’re on the road.

Our list of the top Play Pass games will soon include Eloh, so don’t be shocked. Despite the fact that some players may find the latter stages a touch too intense, the entire experience is a joy to see. Eloh is a fun, light puzzle game that’s perfect for a hot summer day.