Elon Musk meets Tim Cook and claims that the Twitter argument was a “misunderstanding”

After taking a tour of Apple’s headquarters with iPhone maker’s CEO Tim Cook, Elon Musk seems to have abandoned his Twitter fight with Apple.

Musk thanked Apple’s head of facilities, “@tim cook,” for showing him around Apple’s “amazing HQ” on Twitter.

This week, Musk had tweeted his displeasure with Apple, saying the company had threatened to remove the app from the App Store without giving a reason. He went on to say that Apple “hated free speech in America” and question why the company had removed most of its advertising from Twitter.

However, it now seems that the tensions were resolved at the meeting with Tim Cook.

“We had a pleasant exchange of ideas. We cleared up the confusion surrounding the possibility of Twitter’s removal from the App Store. Tim made it very clear that Apple had never even contemplated doing this “in Musk’s words.

The source of this’misunderstanding’ was not made apparent in the tweet. Yet, Tim Cook has not mentioned the conference on Twitter.

Just because Apple didn’t contemplate banning Twitter from the App Store, as Musk claims, doesn’t imply that it wouldn’t delete or restrict Twitter updates if the social media business broke Apple’s developer criteria for the store. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already said that he had faith in Musk to maintain Twitter’s content moderation policies. While Twitter’s head of safety, Yoel Roth, resigned last month, Musk has fired many of the employees responsible for content moderation on the platform.

Additionally, Musk is concerned about Apple’s fees on app and in-app sales ranging from 15% to 30%, which is a problem for the businessman as he increases Twitter Blue’s 8 monthly charge for the verified checkmark.

Musk has added his voice to the growing chorus of criticism directed at Apple for its gatekeeper position on iPhones, which has come from the likes of Epic Games, Meta, and more.

Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, remarked at a conference on Wednesday that it was “bad that one firm controls what occurs on the device,” referring to Apple, as reported by Axios.

According to Zuckerberg, the need that Apple’s competitors distribute their iPhone applications via Apple’s platform creates a “conflict of interest,” and proves that Apple is not a neutral “governor” looking out for consumers’ best interests.

Obviously, the changes in Apple’s app monitoring restrictions have had a significant effect on Meta’s advertising income.

In the discussion on Apple and the App Store, Zuckerberg seemed to appreciate Musk’s participation.

The invitation to see Apple’s “amazing” headquarters extended to Musk, who appeared pleased.

Earlier this month, Musk spent 44 billion to acquire Twitter. Today, he tweeted that the company was making progress in fixing the “bot issue” he claimed the network faced. As of late, Musk has been bragging that the number of people using Twitter every day has hit an all-time high. However, he cautioned that this change might cause a drop in popularity for certain consumers.

He warned that since Twitter was removing so many fake and spam accounts, their following levels may go down.

On Wednesday, a blog post was released by Twitter detailing the dramatic and swift changes the business has experienced since Musk assumed control. The company claims these adjustments will bring forth Musk’s desired outcomes for Twitter 2.0.

“Twitter is embracing public testing,” the corporation said. “We think it’s important to be as forthcoming as possible when it comes to new ideas, since this helps us to learn from our mistakes and improve as we go. We think it’s important to be transparent about our trials and what we learn since a service of this magnitude deserves and will benefit from widespread input.”