Ericsson has added 250 additional R&D employees in Ireland

Ericsson intends to recruit 250 additional employees at its Irish R&D centre in Athlone to advance its 5G ambitions.

Engineers in cloud and mobile communication as well as software developers and data scientists will be available for three years as the Swedish telecommunications equipment maker pursues its 5G research programme.

It’s worth noting that Apple, one of the world’s most prominent tech businesses, constructed a campus in County Cork, Ireland, in 1980.

No wires required!

Athlone, where Ericsson first set up shop in 1979, is today home to the company’s Digital Services OSS (Operations Support Systems) research centre, which employs 1,200 people and is also responsible for Ericsson’s Radio Access Network (RAN) portfolio.

Denis Dullea, Ericsson Athlone’s Head of Research and Development, remarked, “This news confirms our worldwide position as a world-class R&D software development centre.” To put it another way, “Our team here already play a significant part in the creation of Ericsson products, services and solutions that allow Ericsson to offer boundless connection and make the inconceivable possible.”

As a result, we’re recruiting an extra 250 cloud native software developers, engineers, and architects to help us better serve our worldwide customers via our RAN, Management, Automation and Orchestration (MANA) solutions.

In order to help cell carriers with their 5G rollouts, Ericsson has joined the ranks of many other major network equipment suppliers (NEPs). This endeavour necessitates the development of cloud-based, software-defined technologies, including RAN.

More of its 5G knowledge may now be applied to corporate markets as part of Verizon’s acquisition of cloud-based communication specialist Vonage earlier this year for €6.2 billion.