Even the most trusting users will be protected against frauds thanks to a Google Drive upgrade

Google is releasing an upgrade to its cloud storage service that will protect even the most security-conscious customers against harmful information.

According to a blog post, if a user views a potentially risky file in Docs, Sheets, Slides, or other Google Workspace applications, Google Drive will now display banner warnings at the top of the screen.

Although Google has not said how it would assess if a file is harmful, the firm claims that the feature will help protect users from malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts.

Google Drive’s protection

The google’s New Drive capability was initially introduced at Google Cloud Next last year, along with a slew of other Workspace-related security enhancements.

Google noted at the time, “As we continue to provide great new experiences for users, we are maintaining security at the forefront; it’s incorporated in every layer of our product design so that consumers have the freedom and confidence required to work in a safe environment.”

“Our objective is to empower everyone with an innovative and seamless experience that allows anybody, regardless of geography or technical skill, to make a genuine difference.”

Many frauds utilising harmful papers are simple to recognise with a trained eye. Many of us, for example, are aware that files and links received in unsolicited emails from unknown senders should not be opened.

Yet, a user base as broad as Google’s is certain to contain tens of thousands of individuals who are unprepared to deal with such dangers. The banner notifications make it simple for this population to recognise possible danger.

The functionality is presently being rolled out, but it should be available to all paying customers in the next two weeks. The new degree of security will not be available to Google Drive free users.