Facebook will no longer provide live shopping in order to concentrate on Reels

In a move reminiscent of QVC, Facebook is shutting down its live shopping tool, which allows producers to broadcast and sell things to an audience. Facebook has announced that the function would be discontinued on October 1st as part of an effort to refocus attention on Reels.

This change in customer watching habits has led Facebook and Instagram to concentrate more on Meta’s short-form video offering Reels on Facebook and Instagram. Live shopping will be discontinued on Facebook, however it will be accessible on Instagram for the time being.

Live shopping, which was first used in Thailand in 2018, provides a new source of income for Facebook publishers. An affiliate or an independent retailer may use it to promote and sell their own items, but influencers can also hold their own live shopping events. In 2020, Facebook began rolling out the service to more users, coinciding with the launch of a new shopping tab. Live shopping is still quite popular in China, but it doesn’t appear to have caught on elsewhere. As recently as a month ago, TikTak said it will no longer be allowing live shopping in the United States and Europe.

However, Facebook’s decision to shut down live shopping also shows the company’s growing commitment to its short-form video tool, Reels, which was launched on the site in 2013. To appease the Kardashians, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has already made changes to Instagram’s algorithm so that it more closely resembles TikTok’s. With all videos on Instagram now being Reels, the social media site is following Facebook’s lead in emphasising short-form content.

Long-time Instagram users, used to the programme as a method to share images with their connections, were alarmed by the focus on Reels. When Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the network will shift to a video-centric focus, users reacted angrily, causing Instagram to backtrack on several of its decisions.