Facebook’s smartwatch seems strange and goofy, but we’re all for it

We’ve known about the Facebook wristwatch for a few years now, according to industry rumors and patent filings. The company’s name has just been changed to Meta, but many people still refer to it as Facebook, so we believe it will maintain that moniker for its next wearable.

Each new rumor about the Facebook watch makes it seem crazier and crazier, and the most recent one takes the cake. A patent recently released by the World Intellectual Property Organization and noticed by GizChina depicts a watch with a removable screen that houses a camera.

The concept is that you can shoot images from various perspectives.

We envision a watch that resembles a locket, with a top display layer that can spring out to stand at various angles and show a second one underneath.

The gadget reportedly includes three cameras in total (yep, a wristwatch… with three cameras!) one of which can be removed fully to use as a GoPro-like action cam.

In, however, as with all patents, we must state that just because a brand patents a certain design or feature does not imply that the eventual product would be similar in any manner.

A patent simply says that a corporation is thinking about something. But, in the case of the Facebook wristwatch, we really hope this is the case.

The finest thing conceivable

The watch shown in the patent seems really insane, particularly given the stale condition of smartwatches today. Almost every such gadget seems to be similar, having the same appearance, size, and feature slate.

Since the flexible Nubia Alpha, we haven’t seen a really innovative wearable.

That’s why we want the Facebook smartwatch to be unusual: we want something different. Even if the gadget is gimmicky and useless, it will be considerably more intriguing to experiment with than your average Wear OS device or Apple Watch copycat.

The aforementioned Nubia Alpha wasn’t wonderful as a smartwatch – in fact, it was bad in certain aspects – but it was much more intriguing for tech lovers and gadget connoisseurs than half of the other items on the market.

The Alpha not only featured a strap that practically flexed around your wrist, but it also had a camera that could transmit photographs to your phone. Does a camera seem like an unusual addition for a watch? Remember that the Facebook wristwatch is reported to feature three displays.

Three cameras seems stupid, but it also sounds like fun, which is precisely what we’re looking for with the Facebook wearable.

We do not even know when this reported item will be made public – some sources point to a large span of ‘2022,’ but past whispers have proved to be incorrect. We’ll know when we see it.