Festival organizers are expected at the Ministry of Culture this Thursday

6:32 am: Who are the new members of the Scientific Council?

The Scientific Council, which advises the executive on managing the epidemic, welcomes four new members: a geriatrician, a child psychiatrist, a veterinarian and an infectious disease specialist. Here is the portrait of these four scientists.

6:06 am: The vaccination campaign is expected to start in Venezuela

In Venezuela, the vaccination campaign with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V will begin this Thursday by health workers and officials, announced President Nicolas Maduro.

6:05 am: The Cese starts a consultation on the “vaccination certificate”

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese) launched an online consultation on the “vaccination record” on Wednesday, a few days after it had sent the government a recommendation in favor of “compulsory licenses” for the production of vaccines against Covid.

6:04 am: In the world, we are lifting the restrictions on one side and applying them on the other

This Thursday must mark the end of detention and the return of the public to the Australian Open. Likewise, Hong Kong must reopen its restaurants in the evening and lift certain social distancing restrictions.

Conversely, a night curfew against Covid-19 and a full containment on the weekends will come into effect in Iraq this Thursday.

6:03 am: Roselyne Bachelot welcomes festival organizers this Thursday

When will the standing public return? The question moves the current music between indoor test concerts in the coming months and a crucial meeting this Thursday between the summer festivals and the Ministry of Culture. “CONCRETE ANSWERS ARE EXPECTED,” said a press release on Wednesday.

6:02 am: Festival organizers received at ministry, application to “request” patents on vaccines, lifting of restrictions in Hong Kong and Australia: follow us as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds in France and around the world this Thursday February 18.

6am: Hello everyone, welcome to this live video on the surveillance of the Covid-19 epidemic in France and around the world.