Finally, Google has updated the first-generation Nest Hub with its redesigned app drawer.

To find out whether the tablet shown off at Google I/O last week is indeed a detachable Nest Hub for gaming and smart home automation, we’ll have to wait until next year. Nest Hub owners who possess the original generation of the device don’t have to wait for tablet-like features to be added. Recently, Google updated its Hub with an app drawer. Now, that same functionality is available on Google’s original Hub.

Customers in Nest’s Preview Program will soon see an app launcher added to the home screen of their first-generation Nest Hub. However, that update left the original device — initially branded as the “Google Home Hub” — unchanged. We saw it impact 2nd-gen units back in October. If this beta launch is any indication, things might be about to become a lot better.

Swiping up from the bottom of the screen will take you to any app on the Hub that has been updated on your device. There are still app recommendations and a link to all the services installed on the Nest Hub, as there were when it was initially introduced last autumn.

Google has also introduced a “Fuchsia Version” number in settings and a new Bluetooth menu displaying devices previously connected to the Hub as part of this beta firmware upgrade.

Recently, rumours have suggested that a detachable Android-powered Nest Hub is in the works, although we’ve yet to see one in action. At I/O, Google showed out a Tensor-powered tablet that looked to suit the criteria, right down to the white bezel that matched all other Nest Hub devices. Adding an app drawer to the UI if the firm is merging smart screens with tablets makes perfect sense.