Fiverr rolls out Pinterest-like Personalized Discovery Feature

Fiverr is rolling out a Pinterest-like mobile experience that allows people to interact with a fresh feed of visual content curated particularly for them. The new function, dubbed “Inspire,” was created especially to assist users in coming up with new ideas and finding freelancers on the marketplace, according to the company. Users can engage with the material by “liking” it in their feed and adding it to a mood board or list within the app, allowing them to reference it later.

The new function, according to Fiverr, is intended to help customers locate a variety of services and talents that may be beneficial to their business or project. The feed’s content is based on users’ most recent searches and purchases. Users are supplied with material ranging from information that is extremely personal and relevant to them, as well as material that may be connected to what they’ve previously researched.

“We’re excited to see what kinds of inspiration and ideas emerge from this new approach and to continue recognizing and honoring the hard work of great freelancers everywhere,” said Liron Markus, vice president of product at Fiverr.

Fiverr has announced that it will acquire social recruiting company Sagi, which will give clients the ability to manage their freelance workers for 95 million. Employers may use the platform to pay freelancers and monitor their overall freelance spending; new hires can be onboarded using the features available. Fiverr acquired CreativeLive, an online learning network based in Seattle, for an undisclosed price in October 2017. CreativeLive is a nonprofit learning network that offers video production, photography practice teaching, design education, and business training.

Fiverr recently expanded its services, adding three- or six-month subscriptions. Sellers on Fiverr may use this functionality to offer a certain amount of work every month. The subscription may be canceled at any time without penalty, allowing the buyer or seller to end it anytime during the term of the contract.

Fiverr was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2010 and subsequently moved to New York. Since its founding, the NYSE has included it, with a market capitalization of around 6.3 billion. According to Fiverr, during the most recent financial year (May 1, 2018), over four million consumers purchased items from freelancers on its platform across 160 countries. Its marketplace currently contains 500+ categories and nine verticals, including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video animation production, podcasting, and audio mixing/mastering/audio editing.