Following the ransomware assault on LA schools, data was exposed

Breakdown in talks between LAUSD and ransomware operators As part of the Vice Society Ransomware, the latter group uploaded a compromised database on the internet.

The LAUSD superintendent, Alberto M. Carvalho, verified the news on Twitter and announced the leak, with the board opening a new hotline where parents can learn more about the event and the company’s efforts to mitigate the fallout.

“There was a data leak lately, and it was predictable that criminals would be responsible. Our specialists, along with law enforcement, are currently assessing the entire scope of this data dump “tweets the message.

The phrase “better ways to spend cash”

In September of 2022, reports surfaced of an assault on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which includes over a thousand schools, 26,000 instructors, and 600,000 pupils.

However, the latest breach occurred after the board had already decided not to give in to any ransom demands.

The district has previously stated, “Los Angeles Unified is clear that money must be used to finance children and education.” Los Angeles Unified School District officials think that public funds are better spent on children than on appeasing a criminal organisation, and they have stated that they will not pay the ransom demanded by the hackers.

Folders labelled “SSN,” “Secret and Confidential,” “Passport,” and “Incident” were only some of the sensitive information that the Vice Society Ransomware seized, totaling 500GB.

The data reportedly includes “private psychiatric assessments of pupils, contract and legal agreements, business records, and other data,” as reported by NBC Los Angeles.

Students and parents were alerted by LAUSD, and those who wanted it were provided free credit monitoring. Police are still looking into the breach, but in the meanwhile, pupils and parents should be on guard for phishing attempts. Theft of one’s identity is another widespread crime.