For about 40, LongTailPro can boost all of your SEO efforts.

Long tail keywords are three-word or longer phrases that are much more popular in the search industry than you would expect. In fact, long tail keyword searches account for up to 70% of all Google search traffic. Over 90% of long tail keywords receive 10 or fewer monthly searches, which implies that if you can figure out how to discover some of the most important seed words in those long tails, you may rank highly for literally hundreds of phrases based on just one word.

LongTailPro is a handy keyword recommendation tool that may assist a company or management in locating those skeleton key phrases that can open a slew of fresh online traffic for their product. It’s all part of a comprehensive package designed to help you locate your target audience online and boost your company’s SEO efforts.

When you check behind the hood, you’ll notice that LongTailPro is essentially five SEO tools rolled into one. To begin, there’s a tried-and-true Keyword Research Tool to assist you in determining the most appropriate keywords for your projects.

It will assist users in locating head phrases that can be expanded into up to 400 long-tail keywords, grouping and organising those keywords, and locating keywords that have previously worked for rivals. Meanwhile, the Rank Tracker provides extensive analytics that may assist fine-tune all of your SEO initiatives and keeps users updated on the success of their selected keywords on a daily basis.

A Site Audit function is also available to monitor your site’s health, detect SEO errors, provide optimization suggestions, measure site speed, find internal linkages, and more.

The SERP Analysis Tool allows you to uncover up to 200 manual keywords, examine rival terms, and study their backlinks, which widens your approach alternatives. And, while we’re on the subject of backlinks, the Backlink Analysis delves even deeper, tracking all of your backlinks across all domains and at the page level, repairing broken site connections, and discovering new backlink chances as they arise.

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