For certain folks, watchOS 8.4 and iOS 15.3 are creating Wallet sync difficulties

After upgrading to the newest versions of iOS and watchOS, a lot of individuals are reporting that cards uploaded to their iPhones aren’t always showing up on their Apple Watch.

A lot of customers are claiming that Apple Pay and other cards added to their iPhones aren’t being synchronized to their Apple Watches with the release of iOS 15.3 and watchOS 8.4 last week. Although the problem does not seem to be widespread, Apple will need to address it for those who are afflicted.

People have started turning to social media and Reddit to report the problems that AppleInsider initially discovered.

iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 3. No coupons/membership cards added on the iPhone have successfully been synced to the Apple Watch since I updated to 8.4 and 15.3. Interestingly enough, removing a card from the iPhone does not seem to sync to the Watch either, but removing a card that exists on both devices on the Watch successfully syncs to the iPhone.

It’s unclear if this problem is connected to the iPhone or Apple Watch upgrades, but individuals who have contacted Apple have apparently been assured that the firm is looking into the matter. However, no timeline has been provided for when affected consumers might anticipate a remedy.