For your inner third grader, the Skribble PC case is a blank canvas for doodling

Most of us exist somewhere between the two extremes of PC enclosures: standard with a little of RGB flare and crazy, lavish case customizations that may as well be somewhat boxy sculptures. The AeroCool Skribble is a middle ground option, an ATX case with glass panels that beg to be decorated with your best elementary school drawings.

In case you were wondering, the front and side panels are made out of the same tempered glass that you’d find on any standard computer case. However, AeroCool suggests covering both with as much design work as you can manage using a wet chalk marker. You may apply your masterpiece to both panels and then remove them for a simple wash and redraw. Included in the package are a microfiber cleaning cloth and a Flash Color white marker.

With a steel and ABS plastic exterior, support for ATX, MicroATX, and MiniITX motherboards, room for two 3.5-inch or five 2.5-inch hard drives, and nine PCIe expansion slots, this case is pretty typical of the mid-tower form factor (two vertical). The case supports GPUs up to 362 mm in length, and it has space for three 120 mm fans up front and two on top, or liquid coolers of comparable size. Two USB 3.0 ports are included on the front I/O, which is disappointing for a brand new casing in the year 2022.

Perhaps more crucial, though, is the front-mounted light button. The accompanying 6-port fan hub has RGB settings that can be cycled through at the press of a button, illuminating your work in the best possible way. The addressable RGB fan hub is a nice touch, but you’ll still need to provide most of the necessary lighting. Out of the box, only the back fan is RGB, while the front two are just black.