Formula E to Introduce World’s Most Energy-Efficient Race Car

The new Gen3 race car is said to be the most efficient on the planet, with a 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds and a power range of 600 to 1000 hp. Teams will use the third-generation (Gen3) electric vehicle in the 2022-23 season, and they can begin testing it in the spring.

Gen3 will be the first formula car without rear hydraulic brakes because to its lighter weight and smaller size. According to Formula E and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), at least 40 percent of energy consumed during a race will be recovered through regenerative braking. As such, there are no rear hydraulic brakes on Gen3.

The first formula car to feature front and rear powertrains is the Gen3. A 250kW motor will be added to the rear 350 kW engine, giving a total of 600kW. They’ll more than double the regenerative capability of the Gen2 with a powertrain that produces up to 350kW (470 brake horsepower).

The motor can deliver up to 400 hp (470 brake horsepower) and has a top speed of 200 mph. Formula E and the FIA claim that, in terms of power-to-weight ratio, it is twice as efficient as an equivalent combustion engine.

The Gen3 was intended to be more environmentally friendly. Broken carbon fiber parts will be recycled, and it is net-zero carbon. Meanwhile, tires will incorporate 26% sustainable materials.

“In designing the Gen3 car, we set out to demonstrate that high performance, efficiency and sustainability can co-exist without compromise,” Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle said in a statement. “Together with the FIA, we have built the world’s most efficient and sustainable high performance race car. The Gen3 is our fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient racing car yet.”

The Gen3 hasn’t had its design fully unveiled yet in the Formula E championship. Only a few teaser pictures have been released. However, since teams will be testing the car within a few months, it won’t be long before we get a good look at it.