fresh, local and organic products in the school canteen

The resumption of the preparation of meals in the internal canteen has been new since the beginning of the school year in September 2020. However, there are already many positive signals to reward this initiative.

Starting with the certificate for excellent hygiene issued by the DDPP (Department for Civil Protection) on November 19th, which rewards the quality of the work done in the kitchen. But also thanks to the satisfied feedback from parents and children themselves on dishes prepared on site.

Products from farms in the community

In the kitchen is Fabienne Méant, who prepares her dishes from 7:15 a.m. until the first service at 11:30 a.m. She explains, “I cook about 90 meals a day and we get our supplies from our local producers. “So much of the produce comes from farms in town.

For example, the organic vegetables come from the gardeners at the Jardin du Bois-Joly, the meat from the Jonard farm and the bread from the village bakery, only the poultry come from the Gonin butcher. The desire is therefore to “offer the maximum of fresh, local, organic and seasonal products”.

A vegetarian meal is offered once a week

In order to meet current concerns as closely as possible, a 100% vegetarian meal is even offered once a week on various days. In addition, the menus are developed taking into account a good nutritional balance and taking into account the allergies reported by children.

Ultimately, this approach has made it possible to reduce waste, as the children benefit from an “on-demand service”, ie by respecting the child’s appetite and tastes as closely as possible.