Games livestreaming declines in September, according to StreamElements

As of September 2022, StreamElements has published its State of the Stream report. According to the data, the total number of hours spent watching live-streamed games has decreased across the board.

Hours spent watching games on YouTube Gaming decreased by 1% month over month, while Twitch saw a decline of about 7%.

NimoTV, AfreecaTV, Bigo Live, Trovo, and Nonolive are just some of the international services whose numbers are included in this report. These results show that the decline is occurring across all platform sizes. To further illustrate regional content preferences, the report details the most popular games, streamers, and languages on these platforms.

StreamElements notes that September is shorter than August, which contributes to this decline. Day-to-day viewing time, however, has been decreasing. Considering the age distribution of the show’s viewers, it’s plausible that students’ return to class reduced their viewing habits.

Instead of using as usual, StreamElements has teamed up with Streams Charts this month. There has never been a better time to examine YouTube’s emphasis on content other than video games. The percentage of total watch time spent on gaming content is 16%. The most popular live channels on YouTube feature either music or news coverage.

There is a rise in Twitch channels that don’t focus on gaming. By a large margin, the Just Chatting section of the platform attracts the most viewers. On Streams Charts, Just Chatting content accounted for nearly 250 million total views in September. YouTube’s nearly 2.3 billion hours of non-gaming content, on the other hand, dwarf this, highlighting the differences between platforms.