Georges Tron sentenced to 5 years in prison, three of which are closed

Georges Tron was convicted of sexual assault and rape at a meeting with a member of his town hall in Draveil in 2009-2010 and was sentenced on appeal Wednesday to 5 years in prison, including two years on probation.

This penalty is accompanied by a penalty for inadmissibility of 6 years and registration in the automated file of sex offenders.

Her ex-cultural assistant Brigitte Gruel is sentenced to two years suspended sentence for complicity in rape and sexual assault.

However, the court acquitted the two defendants, who were charged with similar acts by a second applicant.

They had been acquitted in the first instance

Two former employees of the city of Draveil (Essonne) accused the 63-year-old mayor LR of imposing touching and digital penetrations on them between 2007 and 2010, usually during three scenes with his then cultural assistant Brigitte Gruel.

The two defendants, who plead their innocence, were acquitted in the first instance in 2018. They deny any sexual relationship with the complainants or even between them.

Rape and sexual assault were recognized for only one of the applicants

At the end of an eleven-hour consultation, the rape and sexual assault at a two-time meeting with Virginie Ettel in November 2009 and January 2010 “are determined by the constant and detailed testimony of the victim,” said the President of the court reading the court’s judgment.

While reading, the other applicant, Eva Loubrieu, burst into tears and stormed out of the room.

Georges Tron, 63, listened to the sentence without letting the slightest emotion shine through. He gave his watch to his lawyer Antoine Vey, made a phone call and stood in the defendant’s glass box.

Accompanied by gendarmes, he was taken into custody.