Gmail is receiving a new ‘inbox zero’ symbol, although it’s unlikely you’ll see it

A new Gmail upgrade has promised a prize in the shape of an all-new celebratory “inbox zero” symbol for those of us who really win the email game.

The new Gmail graphic, which was discovered by Android Police, replaces the old one, which was located under the celebratory phrase “You’ve completed the task! There is nothing in Primary “, featured an abstract cartoon of a smiling lady laying on her back without a care in the (working) world, reading a book in the countryside beneath a bright sun, implying a sense of tranquilly and peace for those fortunate enough to empty their inboxes.

Obviously, that’s not a Covid-friendly representation of the new hybrid working environment for Google, which has now replaced it with something a little less outside-y.

Our cheerful companion has been replaced with a stack of empty coloured boxes (inboxes?) topped with a flag that looks like a castle banner, as seen above, viewed in dark mode on a mobile device (much like that seen at the end of every Super Mario Bros level).

The fan letter is still there, but the emotion of completing all of your job obligations for the day is considerably colder and sterile.

Inbox 0 on Gmail

For many of us, particularly those with a work account, inbox zero may be a pipe dream, but Google obviously views it as something to celebrate.

According to recent data conducted by OnePulse, 75.6 percent of email users have between one and 10,000 emails in their inbox, 16.75 percent have between 10,000 and 100,000, and just 7.59 percent have above 100,001 or more. More than half of users (50.2%) stated they had no idea or don’t care how filled their inbox is. The remainder have up to 5GB (32.8 percent) or more than 5GB full (17 percent ).

Gmail was discovered to be the most popular email platform available, a conclusion backed up by recent Google numbers, which said in January 2022 that Gmail for Android had topped 10 billion installations on the Google Play Store.