Google and Amazon respond to Microsoft’s cloud changes

Some of Microsoft’s biggest competitors have attacked the business after it pledged to alter unfair software licence conditions that apply to the company’s cloud hosting activities.

As a result of talks with European cloud provider partners, Microsoft has announced that, from October 1, 2022, companies that were previously at a disadvantage would be able to reclaim some of their lost business.

But Reuters (opens in new tab) reports that the arrangements won’t apply to Google, Amazon, Alibaba, or Microsoft’s own services, which has drawn some criticism.

License changes from Microsoft

Microsoft President and Vice Chair Brad Smith first broached the subject of the alterations in early 2022 on the company’s dedicated EU Policy blog: “As a major technology provider, we recognise our responsibility to support a healthy competitive environment and the role that trusted local providers play in meeting customers’ technology needs.”

Microsoft has received pushback from many major competitors in the business, including Amazon, in the short time since its most recent statement.

According to Reuters’s quoting of an AWS representative, the company is upset that Microsoft is “doubling-down on the same harmful practises by implementing even more restrictions in an unfair attempt to limit the competition it faces,” rather than listening to its customers and restoring fair software licencing in the cloud for everyone.

The cloud’s potential for ad hoc, elastic computing with no long-term commitments is enticing “Google’s Vice President of Government Relations Marcus Jadotte tweeted an explanation. “Customers should be allowed to choose between platforms and use whatever technology best suits their needs, not what Microsoft deems to be in the company’s best interest.

After further explaining Google Cloud’s stance on the topic, the thread ends by urging cloud service providers to stop trying to lock their clients in and start selling them on “the merits of their technology.”