Google now offers the option to remove your least preferred YouTubers from the Discover feed

Many of us rely heavily on the Discover feed in Google to stay informed, almost religiously devoting a few minutes of our day to scrolling through the feed. The site constantly updates with new material, including relevant articles and even embedded YouTube videos. If you feel like Google is being too general in its curation and you’re seeing videos you’d rather not, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily hide videos from certain YouTube channels in Discover.

When you come across a story that you don’t like, getting rid of it from your feed is usually as easy as tapping the overflow menu next to the card’s title and selecting the most relevant option to express your disinterest. Until now, if you didn’t like a video recommendation in your Discover feed from YouTube, you could only disable all video recommendations.

Google has updated the Search app with a new feature that allows you to prevent a certain YouTube creator’s videos from appearing in your otherwise pristine Discover feed. This was one of the most asked-for features in the app, and it is currently being rolled out. The update was available to us in version of the app.

You can also hide related content or the specific video in question from view on Discover if you don’t want to see it. Moreover, if you’d rather have a video-free Discover feed, Google still lets you hide content from YouTube entirely. The new feature makes it a little simpler to tailor what you see, since your feed is curated based on your past activity across Google’s services. Identical Discover-style cards might eventually appear on your desktop, so it’s worth your time to personalise them to your liking now.