Guilds are coming to Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 will have a guild system when it is released later this year, according to Blizzard.

One of the most often requested questions about the Overwatch 2 development team came in response to an AMA (ask me anything) Reddit thread (opens in a new tab). Clans and in-game competitions were top of mind for one gamer.

“A guild system is towards the top of our agenda for adding additional social elements to Overwatch 2,” said game director Aaron Keller. In our opinion, a feature like this is an exciting opportunity, but it’s also a significant challenge for many Blizzard employees, not just our own.” We’ve worked hard on this feature, but it’s still too early to speculate on its details or a release date.

According to Keller, the team is “digging into” in-game competitions “a lot more.” It’s unclear what they’ll look like or when they’ll debut based on his lack of details.

In Overwatch 2, why are there so many guilds?

A guild system in Overwatch has been requested by players for a long time. Players might better arrange matches and cross-group games with competing groups if there was a proper clan system in place. As an additional social mechanism, it would make finding online people to play with simpler if you’re looking for a game.

A guild structure, on the other hand, would allow for more competition. There is a good chance that Keller hinted to a tournament system in this AMA, which would pit guilds against one another for titles and rewards. With the addition of regional and worldwide guild rankings and permanent guild leaderboards, you get an altogether new competitive sector of the game.

Overwatch 2 is being marketed by Blizzard as a long-term, subscription-based game, and the developer is certainly searching for methods to keep players interested between periodic releases. Increasing community involvement via player-led guilds seems to be an obvious solution.

We don’t know exactly when Overwatch 2’s guild system will debut, but we do know that on October 4, the game’s new PvP component will go live in early access. Early next year, the PvE component of the game will be made available.