How to keep secure when working remotely

Changes in the workplace are only one area where our lives have been profoundly impacted during the past several years.

Many of us have had to adjust to a new style of working since the epidemic forced us to work from home, and most of us have seen either a positive or bad influence on our productivity as a result.

How, then, can you keep your remote office arrangement safe in an era when more and more companies are opting for a hybrid strategy that distributes tasks over several locations? Here are some safety measures you can take.

Reduce the clutter in your inbox.

The inbox may be swollen, but summer diets are all the rage. While “inbox zero” is a goal shared by many of us, an insecure and disorganised inbox may seriously impact both your browser’s speed and its security.

With the use of filters and rules that may be enforced, you can reduce the amount of time spent in your inbox processing new messages by putting them in relevant folders and improving your security at the same time.

The likelihood of being a victim of a cyberattack can be drastically reduced if you routinely move emails with questionable attachments, titles, or senders to your spam or rubbish folder. Fortunately, email programmes like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird are supported by the robust anti-spam technology built into Bitdefender Total Security.

Do not fall for phishing emails

Even while phishing emails have been around for a while, they still have a high success rate, which can be particularly risky if you’re just getting started with hybrid work.

These scams, in which criminals attempt to trick unsuspecting victims by sending them emails that appear to come from a reputable organisation but really include harmful links, frequently make use of authentic-looking elements to impersonate a legitimate one, such as logos and other recognisable elements. Pretending to be from the C.E.O., the accounting department, or even the IT department in an email is a common bait used to ensnare victims.

Bitdefender Total Security provides a suite of security features to keep you safe online, such as advanced anti-phishing protection to prevent fraud when shopping online and an advanced filtering system to warn you when you visit websites that may try to scam you out of personal information.

Maintain the security of your private information

Using both personal and company-issued devices is common in hybrid workplaces, increasing the danger that not only your employer’s but also your own sensitive information might be compromised by a single slip-up or error.

Because your identification and other personal information can be quite valuable to hackers, you should be wary of any emails or websites that ask for this information. In the event that an email sounds suspicious, it’s best not to click on any of the links contained within it. Also, keep in mind that many reputable companies would never ask for sensitive information over email.

Bitdefender Total Security provides a wide variety of features to safeguard your personal information and prevent identity theft, such as a robust privacy firewall, specialised social network protection, and high-end threat detection systems to block sophisticated malware, as well as safeguards against zero-day attacks and multi-layer ransomware protection.