I was thinking about browsers, so I tried out Opera GX and now Chrome seems much worse

Opera GX, a new browser (developed in 2019) that’s more like a specialised version of Opera’s regular browser, has recently caught my attention.

Despite the fact that it claims to be a “browser for gamers,” it includes several functions that would be useful to them. Not to mention the UI, which looks like something straight out of Cyberpunk 2077.

With its built-in adblocker, built-in Discord, YouTube Music, and other integrations right through the browser interface, Opera GX offers nearly limitless possibilities for users to customise their experience. Even the browser’s backdrop and audio may be customised.

Everyone, but especially gamers, should give Opera GX a try because it has so many choices and upgrades. After all, if a Mozilla Firefox fan like me is impressed, then you might be as well. Intuitive GX

It is one of Opera GX’s primary features that allows users to regulate how much of those resources are influenced by the browser, even allowing you to automatically shut down individual tabs that are hogging too much of these values. Simply said, it gives specific control over your online experience that even the greatest Google Chrome extensions can’t match, at least not easily.

Having the ability to limit a browser in this way is critical, since they may quickly consume a surprising lot of resources. The limiter in Opera GX may be toggled between a soft and hard setting, with the soft setting allowing some wiggle room within the chosen limit and the hard setting resulting in tabs being discarded as soon as they reach the set limit.

Gamers that use browsers in the background to look for walkthroughs, tutorials, or other gaming-related information might greatly benefit from this by preventing the browser from affecting gameplay. Because leaving Google Chrome running in the background might affect your frame rate, Opera GX may be the answer you’ve been looking for all this time! The GX Cleaner is a

A lot of browsers include built-in tools to clear up the junk that accumulates over time, but they tend to be hidden deep in the settings menu and aren’t especially user-friendly. When it comes to Opera GX’s Sidebar, though, the GX Control and social media integration are all there.

You may pick from one of three purge alternatives, or you can modify it yourself, including the age of those undesirable files, by clicking on the icon. Since it may have a significant influence on the speed of your browser and how much memory it consumes, it’s a fantastic tool for cleaning up your browser.

AdBlock and a VPN are built in

As internet privacy grows increasingly difficult to regulate, it has grown more vital in our daily lives. It’s also worth noting that Opera GX, which runs on Chromium and isn’t the most popular mainstream browser for privacy (that honour goes to Mozilla Firefox), yet has a wide range of privacy-enhancing options available.

Toggle between VPN and AdBlock in the sidebar menu, as well as specify which websites are exempt from AdBlock’s effect, all from within the browser. You may pick which area you want to have your IP address registered in, and both perform fairly well at preventing some of the most popular web trackers.

AdBlock can interfere with webpages and other GX functions. However, the fact that it is built-in and free of charge for VPN users is a huge benefit. It’s not flawless.

uBlock Origins and other privacy-protecting add-ons and extensions can easily be downloaded from the Internet. There aren’t as many choices here as in Firefox, but there are plenty to let you customise your browsing experience.

There are a lot of great features integrated into the Sidebar, including access to a wide range of social media sites, such as Twitch, Discord, Twitter and other messaging applications, as well as Instagram.

Also, a music player that works in the same way as YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud and Tidal may be used to play music from these sites straight from the browser.

Any of these sites can be accessed while using your primary browser to see, listen, or view content. It also doesn’t require any more tabs, which frees up space. The YouTube Soundtrack player works well as I wrote this while playing a video game music playlist.

Another set of amazing options.

Opera GX may be customised to your exact aesthetic and audio preferences with a number of additional useful features.

If you’re looking to personalise your browser, you may do it with a variety of options, such as Razer Chroma, Logitech G Lightsync RGB or Corsair iCue, as well as a variety of user-created backgrounds (including animated ones). If you’d want to browse with music playing in the background while typing, you may do that as well.

Tabs that you need to keep open and manage for a lengthy period of time, such as those for work or school projects, can be organised into groups called Workspaces. Additionally, there’s Opera Flow, which synchronises content across the desktop version and mobile version of Opera GX. It’s basically an instant messenger that allows you to send files, links, and text messages between your computer and mobile device.

While Opera GX hasn’t received a lot of attention, it’s an excellent option to Google Chrome for those who aren’t quite comfortable with abandoning their Chromium-based browsers.