If all goes according to plan, the Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card will be available in October

While Nvidia’s RTX 4090 is still expected to be the first Lovelace graphics card to be released in October based on recent rumour mill speculations, there are a number of issues that might derail that timeline.

In an interview with YouTube leaker Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID), he claims that Team Green’s current intention is to release the 4090 RTX graphics card in October, which is in line with prior rumours concerning the card’s power consumption.

There is another source that agrees with this hypothesis, but nothing is “100 percent determined” at this moment. As a result, it seems as though things may go south, especially in light of what MLID has to say about it in his most recent video.

There is a lot of RTX 3000 stock that has to be sold, and Nvidia is supposedly trying harder to come up with strategies to help clear that surplus inventory before the Lovelace GPUs arrive (and current-gen cards will become much more difficult to shift).

This might be a major problem for fresh graphics card sales, given we haven’t yet seen any ex-mining GPUs being sold on eBay.

The vast bulk of these ex-mining cards from Asia have yet to arrive in the Western market, and that might make it much more difficult for Nvidia’s card-making partners to sell Ampere stock in time before Lovelace debuts, according to some reports.

Now is the time for Nvidia to respond to its partners’ concerns

According to MLID’s sources, Nvidia’s partners are worried that they could be left with excess RTX 3000 stock, so much so that they don’t want to buy any more current-generation GPUs from Nvidia until they start clearing out their existing inventory – even at the risk of losing the amount of next-generation Lovelace GPU allocation that they get.

According to MLID, Nvidia is now taking these concerns more seriously, and we’ve seen evidence of it in the last few weeks. This week, Nvidia lowered the price of the RTX 3090 Ti by 500, the RTX 3080 Ti by 100, and the RTX 3080 and 3080 Ti by 100, as well as included a four-game package to further entice consumers.

It’s conceivable that a flood of old ex-mining graphics cards from Asia – as some miners give up totally on crypto, or others migrate to ASICs – may come to fruition, which means we should anticipate far larger price reductions in the near future.

Nvidia might, of course, postpone the October launch of the RTX 4090 if moving stock of the RTX 3000 proves to be an even more difficult challenge for its partners. However, according to MLID’s sources, Nvidia is currently preparing for that month, although it isn’t 100% sure. A “real amount” of GPUs will be available before December, but MLID thinks we won’t see many of the new cards on the market until November, which suggests that the Lovelace supply will be scarce in January.

Nvidia seems to be uncertain about the beefier RTX 4090 — and whether it will be the 4090 Ti or possibly a new RTX Titan, as seen in this video.

The full-fat AD102 processor will undoubtedly be used in a more powerful card, but the speed at which AMD’s 4090 Ti flagship will be released will be determined by the precise power of that card. To put it another way, the 4090 Ti will be available shortly if Nvidia requires a reaction to retake the lead in performance (complete with a purported cranked up power usage of around 600W).

A 4090 Ti isn’t expected to be released until after AMD’s next-generation flagship has been released, giving Nvidia time to fine-tune it (or maybe Team Green will push out a Titan instead, as mentioned, laden with 48GB of VRAM, which has been a rumour in the past). For the time being, the full-fat AD102 chip is still up in the air, and AMD’s top-end RDNA 3 processor will be the deciding factor in the decision.