In addition to a new RSS synchronisation service, Unread 3 becomes much better

It’s likely that you’ve already heard about RSS if you need to stay up with the newest online developments. An all-new sync service has been included into Unread 3 to make it even better for keeping track of RSS feeds on your iPhone and iPad.

Unread Cloud is the name given to the sync service developed exclusively for Unread 3. It’s free to use, and all you have to do is sign up using Sign in with Apple. Once you’ve completed the setup, all you have to do is add your RSS feeds. Unread Cloud will also take care of synchronisation, so you’ll never miss a beat no matter where you read your feeds.

Create or log in to an Unread Cloud account on all your devices via Sign in with Apple. With an Unread Cloud account, our servers retrieve articles from feeds, and your device retrieves those articles from our servers. This makes refreshing your account fast, reduces the battery power and bandwidth required by your device, and ensures that you do not miss articles when your device is offline.

Feedly, Fever, and Feedbin are all third-party feed handlers that may be used with Unread, but this one is embedded inside the app and doesn’t need any extra accounts.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that’s changed in Unread 3. For the first time ever, this is the greatest version of Unread, and one of the finest applications on both the iPad and iPhone for doing what it’s designed to do.

You can get Unread 3 from the App Store for free with an annual membership that unlocks all of the premium features. The new software will be available to anyone who already have Unread 2 installed.