In the event of reintegration, the schools could remain open

A million people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus in France, where stricter border rules went into effect on Sunday January 24th. However, the thesis of a new detention is increasingly being raised. It would be the third in the country in a year.

This new measure would be taken because hospital pressures remain strong in the country: 25,800 patients were hospitalized on Saturday, almost 2,900 of them in intensive care. And although that last number has decreased slightly.

“Containment remains the most effective weapon”

“The absolute urgency is to vaccinate the most vulnerable people against the disease with the available vaccines,” estimates doctor Yves Lévy, director of the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI) at the CHU Henri-Mondor in Créteil (Val-de-Marne) , in an interview with JDD. “We can assume that these vaccines will remain partially effective,” he added against the new variants.

For him, the idea of ​​”group immunity” is “illusory” and blocking the arrival of the English mutant “mission impossible”. “Containment remains the most effective weapon,” says this specialist, particularly in the face of variants.

“We will not wait for a new wave”

For its part, the government still officially hopes to avoid this. However, should this happen, the Ministry of Health, Olivier Véran, prefers to take action before a third wave arrives. “We need the curfew to work, we have to manage to deal with the variant and save time. In the best case scenario, we can reduce the epidemic pressure. If this is not the case, we will not wait until March, to act. We are monitoring the evolution of the effects of the curfew every day. We are not going to wait for a new wave to arrive to take the right action, “he added. he explained to the Parisian.

At present, “the situation allows school continuity. But we are vigilant,” the Minister for National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, assured the JDD. “I prefer the conditions that existed in November with open institutions, especially as we see a posteriori that our strategy worked,” continued the minister, before adding: “All of our work is to avoid this hypothesis (d” a closure of facilities “, even if this remains conceivable in absolute need. School remains of essential importance for our children.”

According to Le Journal du dimanche, Emmanuel Macron could speak on Wednesday, January 27, the day of the next Defense Council.