In the near future, Microsoft Edge might be the ultimate multitasking tool

Updates to Microsoft Edge are in the works that will make it easier and more productive to use the browser.

A new version of Edge is in the works that will enable users to access their favourite or most often used applications alongside the browser.

That improvement should make using Edge a lot simpler, especially when preparing an event or giving a presentation for business and needing to manage many tools and apps.

The new feature is described as enabling users to “access Edge capabilities side-by-by-side with their browser window” in the official Microsoft 365 roadmap article (opens in new tab).

For the time being, users will be able to check out Discover, Bing search, Outlook, Office, and Games, as well as additional tools like a unit converter and an internet speed test.

We may not have long to wait even though the upgrade is still labelled as “in development” by Microsoft, who has set an August 2022 launch date. Microsoft Edge users throughout the world will be able to access it when it is published.

Microsoft is hoping to position Edge as a beneficial productivity tool and office companion for people throughout the world with the introduction of this new version.

As recently as last week, Mozilla promised a similar functionality that would enable users to prevent all extensions from running on certain websites with a single click, providing them better control over extensions running on unsafe or sensitive websites.

Microsoft Edge has either lost or failed to gain market share in four of the previous six months, according to the latest Statcounter numbers.

By this measure, Edge had a 4.05 percent market share (across desktop and mobile platforms) and an estimated 200 million users, putting it ahead of Firefox but well behind Google Chrome (64.34%) and Apple Safari (19.16%). (3.41 percent ).