Infrastructure. New swimming pool: Equalia completes its recruitment

Equalia, which will manage the new Grand Dole swimming pool under the Public Service Delegation (DSP), is in the process of taking over the premises. “In this new sports and water complex, we take care of the four pools and the fitness center. But not the gym, which is managed directly by the community and the clubs, ”remembers Sébastien Davain, the company’s regional coordinator. Equalia also manages the other two swimming pools at the Grand Dole, namely the Isis Aquapark and the Léo Lagrange swimming pool in Tavaux. These two facilities are only open during the summer season. 25 positions were to be filled within the new Pierre Talagrand complex. “More than two-thirds of the recruiting takes place,” says Sébastien Davain.

In this new sports and water complex, we take care of the four pools and the fitness center

Sébastien Davain, Equalia Regional Coordinator

Pandemic is delaying opening

All of these positions are permanent: 11 in the pools (7 lifeguards and 4 lifeguards), 2 fitness trainers, 5 maintenance agents and 4 receptionists. François Xavier Guyon-Gellin has been given responsibility for running the three intermunicipal swimming pools. The 42-year-old 2nd degree lifeguard is a former CNDR (Huot Marchand period) where he worked as a trainer in 1990. François Xavier Guyon-Gellin, who previously managed other nautical locations, joined Equalia this summer.

He is supported in his task by his assistant Maxime Todaro, who swims at a young age. He completed the staps course and trained in sports management in Le Creusot, Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand. The Equalia company manages around 60 facilities in France and Belgium. Although the pools are filled with water, filtration and heating, no opening date, even partial, is given for the time being. A meeting with elected officials is scheduled for this week.

“Pools more suitable for our different groups”

“Only CNDR swimmers were able to benefit from this date (January 23, editor’s note) of the northern basin,” we wrote in our Thursday paper. The remarks made respond to the President of the CNDR, Stéphane Bourgeois, who tells us that the CNDR is not the only club waiting for the complex to open. “And the public too! “Bringing a date would be premature also in terms of health,” he added. On the contrary, if the Nordic pool is actually smaller than the large aquapark pool (which is currently being used by licensees as the Nordic pool), it will in no way prevent activity. “It will no longer be possible to swim in front, it will be necessary to switch on the lines. However, the variety of pools will be better suited for our activities: our juniors and masters in the 50-meter Nordic pool and our future and adults in further training in the 25-meter sports pool, for example. For our competitors, it is also a plus to work on non-swimmable parts such as starts and corners with more depth than in the Aquapark, ”explains the President of the CNDR.