Instagram’s New Age Verification Tool Is Designed to Identify Some Minors

Instagram’s parent company Meta said Thursday that the firm is developing a new tool to check the age of underage users who may attempt to claim they are adults. Attempting to manually change one’s date of birth to indicate one is above the age of 18 will result in Instagram requesting confirmation of the user’s age.

In order to establish their age, persons will be able to do so in one of three methods. To begin, Instagram will need proof of age in the form of a government-issued photo ID such as a passport or driver’s licence. Using social vouching, which entails asking the age of three other adult users, is another option. No one else can vouch for such users, and they have three days to reply to the request.

This is the last method Instagram uses to verify a user’s age. Instagram will guide you through the process and send the selfie to Yoti, a business that checks the age of its users. According to Meta, Yoti’s face-recognition technology uses facial traits to assess a user’s age. When you’re done, you may choose to delete the selfie.

If a user has previously indicated that they are above the age of 18, the tool will miss them. People must be at least 13 to join up for Instagram, but there is no indication of whether this new technology will be used to check the right age of youngsters.

Recently, Instagram has been the subject of multiple inquiries about the app’s influence on teenagers. Massachusetts, California, and Florida Attorneys General have begun investigating Instagram’s parent firm Meta, alleging that Meta knew Instagram may affect children’s mental and physical health. Meta has denied this accusation.

According to hacked papers, the Wall Street Journal released a series on how Facebook understands that Instagram is “toxic” for underage females, damaging their self-esteem and causing mental health issues.

As Meta remarked, the papers were being “mischaracterized” and several kids reported feeling better about their body images after using Instagram.