iPhone 13 Demand Eclipsing That Of The iPhone 12

When Apple first introduced the iPhone 13 back in March, it was met with a somewhat muted response. While the new phone did have better hardware, such as a faster processor and camera capabilities, it still felt like a minor improvement at best and that there was nothing particularly interesting or innovative about the new phone, especially compared to previous versions of its smartphones.

However, despite the relatively minor upgrade, Apple’s iPhones appear to be selling like wildfire. According to a survey conducted by Wave7 Research, demand for the iPhone 13 is now exceeding that of the iPhone 12 at first arrival in the US market.

This means that, when compared to the iPhone 12’s release in 2020, the iPhone 13’s debut appears to be doing considerably better. According to the poll, several elements played a role in the phone’s success, including improved store traffic, 5G coverage, camera upgrades, and a simultaneous launch.

The main concern is that because to the worldwide chip shortage, some models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, are being delayed in delivery. It’s surprising that more people desire the iPhone 13 than the iPhone 12 given how modestly it has changed, but we suppose that’s just proof of Apple’s brand power.